What to Consider Before Buying Gaming PC

You’ve decided that you want to play Overwatch or Player Unknown Battlegrounds since almost all of your friends are playing these games and you don’t want to stay behind. But wait! Do you know what PC are you going buy? What CPU and graphics card is compatible?

Before you spend a large amount of money in a PC masterrace system, think first and read this guide on what to consider when buying a gaming computer.


PC Design

This really depends on your budget, if you want to get a build that’s great as a showpiece and gaming rig. Companies like Origin PC and ASUS will do the trick on your system with their custom color jobs, cooling liquids, transparent windows and multi-colored cables. All of this comes with a pretty price of course.


For extra-smooth frame rate I highly recommend you invest in either Nvidia GEFORCE (1070, 1080 or 1080 Ti) or AMD’s Polaris (570 or 580). They’re quite pricey but you won’t regret purchasing them because of their life span.


Nothing last forever, everything will eventually elevate. In the foreseeable future, you’re going to want to swap out some parts such as the motherboard, storage, RAM and GPUs to keep up with the latest rig. And when it’s time for a change, you’d rather spend a couple of bucks for a brand new Nvidia card rather than buying the whole preconfigured case.

PC Size

There are some people prefer buying larger monitor for a better gaming experience, whereas others go for smaller size for portability. So what size would you go? That really depends on the size of the room your PC will be placed as well as what specs are inside.




The most important thing you should consider is the price. Calculate on how much you should expect to spend on a good gaming PC. You should start a budget on $700 as that should get you a durable tower with entry to mid level specifications with enough ports and room for expansion. And if you dislike doing it on your own, then you might want to consider spending a bit more in an effort to future-proof your set-up.


No one part should dominate without bringing the others up to par, and unnecessary equipment should not be included to keep the price down. The money you’ve spent to buy a cool memory could be far better to spend on a fast quad-core. Self-control is required to balance this. You’re likely to get bombarded by ads when you buy a gaming PC. As you choose the perfect gaming PC, you should always ask one question, “Does this make my gaming experience better?” There are surely a lot of gaming guides out there but I hope this article will help you answer that question.